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Saturday, June 8, 2013

7-2-11 What and When to Speak

What and When to Speak 
Through speaking we express our views and exchange our ideas with others. But it is also necessary to keep in mind that there must be proper time and proper things for speaking. There are some occasions when it is better not to speak and at some occasions it is necessary to speak otherwise our silence may create confusion. Here under are given some Dohes composed by some famous poets. These Dohes can be the guideline for what to speak and when to speak -
1. Ati kaa bhalaa na bolanaa, ati kee bhalee na choop.
Ati kaa bhalaa na barasanaa, ati kee bhalee na dhoop.
Meaning in English-. Every thing in excess is bad. Too much speaking and too much silence , both are not good. Similarly too much rain and too much dry season both are also not good. Thus every thing in excess is bad.
2. Bahut adhik jo bolate, sadaa haankate deeng.
Ve nar pashu saakaar hain, binaa poonchh aur seeng.
Meaning in English - The persons who speak too much , always boast. Such persons are just like animals without tail and horns.
3. Din dash aadar paay ke, kari le aapu bakhaan.
Jo lo kaag saraadh pakh, to lo to sammaan.
Meaning in English -  The crow gets respect during the Shraddh Paksh but when the Shraddh paksh is over , no one asks for him. In the same way some people get respect ( for some reason or the other ) for a short period and they themselves begin to say too much in their own praise, as a result they have to cut sorry figure.
4. Yaahee te yahe aadare, jagat maahan sab key.
Bole jabe bulaaiye, anbole chup hoy.
Meaning in English - ..The person must speak when he is asked to speak otherwise he must remain silent. The person who behaves like this , is respected among others.
5. Neekee te pheekee lage, bin ausar kee baat.
Jaise baranan yuddha men, ras singaar na suhaat.
Meaning in English - According to Vrinda one must not speak irrelevant things. The things may be good but  if it is said at the improper occasion , it would lose its impression and people would not like it. For example if a battle is going on and ( during that battle) some one speaks the thing related to Shringar Ras , nobody would like that thing. Even nobody would like to listen to  it.
6. Pheekee pe neekee lage, kahiye samay vichaari.
Man ke man harshit kare, jyon bibaah men gaaree.
Meaing in English -  If the improper ( unpleasant ) things are spoken at the right time, they are considered good and liked by all. For example , on the occasion of marriage the songs known as Gaalee, please every one and are considered good.

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