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Friday, June 14, 2013

9-1-2 Know What Doctors Write

Know What Doctors Write 

While writing the prescription slip, the doctor writes the name of the patient, the name of the illness, and the names of the medicines required. Besides these things, he writes some abbreviations. For a common man these are not easily understandable. Here under are given the abbreviations and what they indicate or stand for -
AC :   Before taking meals 
PC :   After taking meals 
OD :  once a day 
BD/BDS :   Twice a day 
TD/ TDS :  Thrice a day  
QD/QDS :   Four times a day 
SOS :   When needed 
G or GM :   Gram 
H :  hourly 
Ml : Millilitre
PO :   Through mouth 
Tab :   Tablet 
Cap :  Capsule 
Amp :  In the form of injection 
Ad Lib :  Take according to the need 
Gtt :   Drops 
Mg :   Milligram 

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