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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

(7.1.3) My Opinion about my Father

7.1.3 My Opinion about My Father
Please, share this experience with us :-
1.When I was three years old I thought , " My father is the bravest and the strongest person of the world.
2.When I was six years old I thought, " My father is not only the strongest person of the word but also the wisest and the most sensible person of the world.
3.When  I was nine years old I thought , " My father has the knowledge about each and every thing of the world."
4.When I was twelve years old I thought , "My father is wiser ( more sensible ) than me."
5.When I was fifteen years old I felt , " My father needs some more knowledge to keep pace with the world."
6. When I was twenty years old I felt , " My father does not belong to this world and he cannot go along with my way of thinking."
7.When I was twenty five years old I thought , " I should not take  his advice in any matter because he is in the habit of finding fault with every thing."
8.When I was thirty years old, I felt , " My father has become a bit sensible because of his copying me ( following me ) (he has copied me )
9. When I was thirty five years old , I felt ," In small matter he can be consulted with."
10.When I was forty years old , I felt , " In some necessary matters, My father's advice might be taken. "
11.When I was fifty years old , I decided , " I must not do any thing without consulting my father because now I have known it better that my father is the most sensible  person of the world. "
But before I could put my decision into action, my father  had left away this world for his heavenly abode and I had to remain deprived  of his advice and experience. 

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