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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

(7.1.5) Qualities of a Happy Life

  Qualities of a Happy Person
A happy person is not dependent on others. He does not work according to other's will.
His honesty is his guard and plain simple truth is his best skill and only guide.
He is the master of his passions and controls the feelings of love , hatred , anger and jealousy. He is not afraid of death.
He cares neither for the favour of the king , nor for the criticism of the common people.
A happy man keeps balanced mind. He is never jealous  of other people's progress nor is he ever happy at their down fall. 
He is not carried away by his own success nor does he regret his own ruin. He is unaffected by rumours, flatterers and foes.
He is man of  pure heart. He is open hearted and plain in his dealings. He understands that false praise is harmful.
He does not care for the rules of the government. He follows the rules of goodness and kindness.
A happy person is a God loving person. He prays to God day and night , for his divine mercy and not for any selfish motive or worldly achievement. He does not harm anybody .
He likes to spend his time in the company of a good friend or reading a good book.
His joys and actions are harmless.
He does not care for rise and fall in life. Success does not make him happy nor does failure discourage him.
( This article is based on the poem "Character of a Happy Life" composed by Sir Henry Wotton. )

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