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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

(7.1.4) Risk

 (7.1.4) RISK

There is a risk every thing in life. If you laugh , people may call you foolish. If you weep , there may be a risk of  looking emotional. If you help others , there may be risk of being indulged i.e. people may think that there is the vested interest of the helper in his help.) If you express your feelings before others , there will be a risk of showing your real personality. If you tell people about your ideas and imaginations , they may call you inexperienced. It is also risky to love others because it is not certain that you will get love in return. Even living life is not free from risk because there too lies the risk of dying. If you hope  something , there will be a risk of despair i.e. there will be a risk of your being hopeless someday. If you try to do some thing , you fear , you may fail. Thus there is risk every where in life. But you can do nothing without taking  risk. A life without risk is the greatest danger in itself.
The person who risks nothing , can do nothing in life. He can have nothing. He becomes unimportant in the society. The person who does not take risk, can escape  from troubles and sorrows of life. But he can not learn anything. He can not feel anything new. He can not change himself or the world. He can not make progress in life. He can not love others. He can not even live his own life well because all things demand risk.
The immediate advantage of avoiding risk is that the person can avoid suffering and sorrow for a short time. But the person who risks nothing , does nothing , has nothing and becomes nothing. The person who takes risks , learns new things , gains new experience , changes his position, develops into an important person , lives life well and is able to face difficult  situations in life.
( This article is based on the poem "RISK" composed by Janet Rand )

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