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Friday, July 12, 2013

10.3.6 Mahashivratri Vrat / Shivaratri Vrat 2017

Shivaratri Vrat / Shivratri 2017/ When is Shivratri observed/ Benefits of observing Shivratri Vrat

When is Shivratri or Mahashivratri in 2017
In the year 2017 Maha Shiv Ratri Vrat will be observed on Friday, 24.02.2017. 
According to the Hindu calendar Maha Shiv Ratri Vrat is absered on the Nishith Vyapini Chaturdashi Tithi in the Krishna Paksh of Phalgun month. It is believed that keeping fast on Shiv Ratri and offering prayers to Lord Shiva brings good luck and destroys the sins of the devotees. On Shiv Ratri , the night is considered better for Shiv Pooja.
If one wants to do Pooja in the night, the timings of Shiv Pooja are given below  - 
Date- 24.02.2017 Friday
Nisheeth kaal - 12. 25 a.m. to 1.15 a.m. 
Four Prahar Pooja timings :-
First Prahar - 6.32 p. m. to 9.41 p.m., Second Prahar - 9.41 12.51 a.m., Third Prahar - 12.51 a.m. to 04.00 a.m. , Fourth prahar -04.00 a.m. to 07.08 a.m. 
Why is Mahashivratri festival celebrated on Phalgun Krishna Chaturdashi -
According to the Hindu calendar, there are sixteen Tithis. Every Tithi has its own god or lord. It is considered to worship the god on the tithi to which he is the Lord. Lord Shiva is the lord of Chaturdashi Tithi so worshiping Lord Shiva on this Tithi is considered to be the best and auspicious. The chaturdashi in the Krishna paksh is called Masik Shivratri ( monthly shivratri ). But the chaturdashi in the krishna paksh of the month of Phalgun is called Mahashivratri because on the night of chaturdashi of krishna paksh in the month of Phalgun, Lord Shiva Himself manifested in the form of a Ling as mentioned in the Ishaan Sanhitaa ' Shiv Ling Tayodhoot koti Soorya samprabh '.
Benefits of Mahashivratri vrat -
1. Mahashivratri is the grand festival of pleasing Lord Shiva and of getting one's desires fulfilled.
2. According to the Skand Puran, the person who worships Lord Shiva and observes fast on Phalgun krishna chaturdashi, is free from the cycle of rebirth.
3. The Mahashivratri vrat is salvation given vrat.
4. The Vrati gets rid of his diseases.
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