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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

10.3.8 Shravan Maas / Sawan Month and Shiv Pooja

Shiva Puja In Sawan or Shravan

Shravan or Sawan month is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. According to the Hindu belief it is a holy and auspicious  month which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
During the whole month people go to the Shiv temples, worship Lord Shiva, offer flowers and Bel leaves, perform Abhishek to the Shiv ling and chant different Mantras related to Lord Shiv like Panchakshar Mantra and Mahamrityunjay Mantra etc.
Some people keep fast for the thirty days of the month. Some people observe fast only on the Mondays which fall in the month of Sawan. Each day of this month is considered holy and auspicious but Mondays of this month are considered most auspicious so people worship Lord Shiv and keep fast on Mondays. It is believed that worshiping Lord Shiva in the month of Shravan brings prosperity and peace in the family.
Some other Vrat and festivals are also observed in this month. They are - Mangala Gauri Pooja and Vrat, Swarn Gauri vrat, Nag Panchmi, Hariyali Amavasya, Chhoti Teej, Raksha bandhan etc.

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