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Saturday, July 6, 2013

7.1.6 Yaksha Prashna ( A Story From Mahabharat)

7.1.6 Yaksh Prashna

The twelve years of exile were drawing to a close. One hot day the five brothers ( Yudhishthira, Arjun, Bhim, Nakul and Sahadev ) sat down to rest. They felt thirsty. Yudhishthira sent all the four brothers one by one to fetch some drinking water from the nearby pool. But none of them returned. Then Yudhishthira himself went to the pool. There he saw his brothers lying dead. He, then, went into the pool to drink water. At once he heard a voice. The voice warned him, "Your brothers died because they did not pay heed to my word. Do not follow them. Do not  drink water without answering my questions. This pool is mine." Yudhishthira knew that those could be none other than the words of a Yaksh. He understood the situation and  told the body less voice to ask him his questions. Then the following questions were asked to Yudhishthira. The voice put the questions one after another and Yudhishthira gave their answers as follows :-  

1. "What rescues a man in all danger ?"

 "Courage rescues a man in danger." 

2." By the study of which science does man become wise ? "  

 "Not by studying any science does man become wise. It is by association with the great in wisdom that he gets wisdom."  

3."What sustains more nobly than earth ? "  

"The mother who brings up the children." 

4. "What is higher than the sky ?"  

 "The father."  

5 "What runs faster than wind ?" 

 6."Who is the companion of a traveller ?" 

" Learning." 

7. "Who is the friend of a person who stays at home ?"  

"His wife. "   
8."Who accompanies a person after death ?"  

 "Dharma, that alone accompanies the soul in its solitary journey after the person's death." 

9. "What is happiness ?"  

"Happiness is the result of good conduct."  

10."What is that ,abandoning that man will be loved by all ?" 

"Pride , for abandoning that, man will be loved by all." 

11."What is the loss which yields joy and not sorrow ?"  

"Anger, giving it up, no one will be subject to sorrow."  

12."What is that by giving up which man becomes rich ?"  

"By giving up desire , man becomes rich."  

13. "What makes one a real Brahman ?" Is it birth , good conduct or learning ?"  

"Birth and learning do not make one Brahman. Good conduct alone does."  
14. "What is the greatest wonder in the world ?"  

"Every day man sees creatures dying and  yet those who remain, want to live forever. This verily is the greatest wonder. "  
Thus the Yaksh asked many questions and Yudhishthira answered them. Yaksh was pleased with the answers of Yudhishthira and granted that all brothers would come to life. In fact he ( Yaksh ) was Yama,  the Lord of death who has taken the form of Yaksh to test his son. He embraced Yudhishthira and blessed him.      

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