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Friday, August 9, 2013

(10.1.6) Basant Panchami / Saraswati Puja/ Sarasvati Jayanti 2017

Basant Panchami 2017

When is Vasnat Panchami -
In the year 2017 Vasant Panchami is on Wednesday, 01 February, 2017.
Important things about Vasant Panchami -
1. Maagh shukla panchami is known as the Vasant Panchami.
2. Vasant Panchami is also known as Sarswati jayanti or Sarswati Pachami or Shree panchami.
3. This day is the beginning of spring season.
4. This day is also believed to be the birthday of Devi Sarswati who is known as the goddess of learning, wisdom, music, art and education.
5. Vasnat Panchami is dedicated to goddess Sarswati. So people worship her on this day.
6.  Saraswati related Mantra  jap should be started on this day.
7. Besides Devi Sarswati, Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Kamdev ( the god of love ) and his wife Rati are also worshiped on this day.
8. In some parts of North India, Phagostava also starts on this day.
9. Yellow colored clothes, sweets, fruits are preferred on this day.
10. Basnat Panchami is considered to be the Aboojh Muhurat for some religious activities,  particularly for marriage. So if no proper muhurat is available,Vasnat Panchami is considered as the auspicious muhurat for the marriage.

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