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Monday, August 26, 2013

(10.3.12) Bachh Baras / Gau Vats Dwadahsi 2016

Bachh  Baaras ( Gau Vats Dwadashi ) 2016 / Vats Dwadashi

When is Vats Dwadasi or Bachh Baras in 2016

In the year 2016 Bachh Baras or Gau Vats Dwadashi is on Monday , 29.08.2016.
Bhadrapad Krishna Dwadashi is known as Bachh Baras or Vats Dwadashi or Gau Vats Dwadashi.
Why and How it is observed :-
A cow is considered as a holy animal in Indian culture. A cow and a calf are associated with Lord Krishna. So the Hindus worship the cow on such occasions like that of Bach Baras etc.They believe that a cow , being a holy animal, gives them her blessings.
The fast of Bachh Baras is observed by women for getting a good son and for the good and benevolence of their sons. On this day the women get up early in the morning , have a bath and  worship the cow and its calf. First of all put put the pieces of new clothes on them ( on the cow and the calf) then they apply Tilak on the foreheads of them and make them wear garlands made of flowers.They feed them with the sprouted Gram , Peas, Moong etc.  Then they pray the cow to bless them with healthy sons and bless their children with long life , good health and good luck.
The women who observe fast on this day  do not eat the things made of wheat,  and the milk of cow . They eat sprouted  gram,peas and chapatis made from maize etc. They also tell and listen to the tales related to Bachh Baras. They also avoid using the vegetables and fruits chopped with a knife.
Importance of this fast :-
Like every other fast, this fast of Bachh Baras has also some importance attached to it. The women observe this fast for the longevity, prosperity and good health of their children. It denotes mothers' affection for their children as they pray for their safety and long life.
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