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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

(10.3.13) Vaman Jayanti / Vaman Dwadashi 2016

Vaman Jayanti / Vaman Dwadashi  2016 

When is Vaman Jayanti 
In the year 2016, Vaman Jayanti is on Tuesday, 13 September, 2016.
Bhdrapad Shukla Dwadashi is known as Vaman Jayanti  or Vaman Dwadashi.

Vaman Jayanti  / Vaman Dwadashi Vrat :- 
Vaman is the son of sage Kashyap Muni and Aditi. He is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.The person who keeps fast on this day ,should worship Lord Vaman with proper ritual. He should donate rice and curd etc. In the evening the Vrati ( the person who observes fast) should listen to the Vaman Katha with full devotion and distribute Prasad . By observing the Vaman Dwadashi Vrat and worship , the person's wishes are fulfilled by the grace of Lord Vaman.
The story of Vaman and king Bali :-
Bali was a powerful demon king. He had captured all the three worlds. Indra, the king of heaven and other gods had to leave heaven and wander here and there. King Bali wanted to perform one hundred Ashavmegh Yagya. He had already performed 99 Yagyas and it was his one hundredth Yagya. If he had completed this Yagya, he would have got the Pad (post) of Indra. So at the request of gods  , Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Vaman (vaman roop , a form of a dwarf ) to help gods. Vaman Dev went to the place where Bali was performing Yagya. Bali welcomed Vaman Dev, washed His feet, worshiped Him and requested Him  to express His desire of getting the things  from him whatever He liked as charity. Vaman cleverly asked for three steps of land, measured by His small feet.When Bali agreed to giveVaman Dev three steps of land, Lord Vaman measured the whole earth and heaven in two steps. Then Vaman asked him where to keep His third step. At this Bali requested Him to keep His third  step on his head. Vamandev then placed His third step on his head and drove him down to Patal Lok.
Vamandev was pleased with Bali for his generous nature and granted him the kingdom of Patal Lok.

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