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Friday, August 9, 2013

(10.3.9) Kajali Teej / Badi Teej / Satudi Teej 2016

Kajli Teej / Badi Teej / Satudi Teej  Vrat 2016

When is Kajli Teej / Satudi Teej / Badi Teej
In the year 2016 Kajali Teej / Badi Teej is on Sunday , 21.08.2016. 
Important things about  Satudi Teej / Kajali Teej / Badi Teej
> Bhadrapad Krishna Tritiya  (Teej) is known as Kajali Teej / Badi Teej / Satudi Teej .
> On this day women keep fast . They wear beautiful clothes and ornaments .
> In the evening they gather in groups and do the worship of Nimadi mata or Teej mata .
> They tell and listen to the stories related to this Vrat and festival . They also sing  songs .
> When the Moon rises , the women give Arghya to it ( moon.). At the time of giving Arghya , they chant the following words  -  
Sona ko sankalo , gol motiyan ko haar , chandramaa na Arghya deu , jiyo veer bhartar . 
After it they eat food and break their fast .
Puja Material - The following things are required for the Puja -
A Laddu made of Sattu , A twig of Neem tree, Deepak (earthen lamp), one banana, one guava (a kind of fruit) , one cucumber,some water mixes with milk, Kachha Doodh  (without boiling milk), a string of pearls,  one Thali , one Kalash (a small pot made of clay.)

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