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Sunday, August 4, 2013

12.3.2 Chanakya's Formula for Sure Success

Learn Twenty Things for Success

Acharya Chankya was a great teacher,  great politician,  great thinker, and much more. Here under are given his twenty wise things. One can get success by following them sincerely -
Sinhaadekam, bakaadekm, shikshecchchtwari kukkutaat. 
Vaaysaatpanch shikshechch shat shunastreeni gardbhaat.  (Chanakya Neeti 6/14)
For Sure Success learn one thing from a lion, one thing from a heron (crane) , four things from a cock, five things from a crow, six things from a dog and three things from an ass.

1. Whether the task is small or big, the person should do it wholeheartedly and with full strength and should not relax until it ( the task ) is completed. This quality can be learnt from a lion.

2.The wise man must have control over his senses and accomplish his task keeping in mind the knowledge of the place, time and his ability. One can learn it from a heron or a crane ( a long necked and long beaked bird.) 

3. Getting up early in the morning, keeping oneself ready for a fight, making a fair division of property among one's relatives and getting the food attacking others. One can learn these things from a cock. 

4. Union in privacy with one's wife, boldness, collecting things for the use in future, alertness and not to trust others fully, can be learnt from a crow. 

5. A dog can over eat when he gets  much to  eat but at the same time he remains contented if he gets too little or no food to eat. He has a sound sleep but wakes up even at the slightest sound (of foot steps etc.) He is loyal to his master and is ready to fight if situation demands. One can learn these six things from a dog. 

6. An ass can go on carrying the load or burden even if he is tired. He does not bother whether it is hot or cold. He is always contented. Thus performing one's duty properly , over looking the whether condition and contentment can be learnt from an ass. 
Chanakya says that the person who learns and practices these twenty things (virtues), he is sure to get success in this life and becomes triumphant.

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