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Thursday, August 1, 2013

5.3.18 Vishti Karan / Bhadra / Bhadra Period

 Bhadra / Vikhti Karan / Vishti

What is Bhadra -  
The Karan Vishti is known as 'Bhadra' which is considered as inauspicious. So auspicious work is not done during the period of Bhadra. 
Panchang  is an Indian calendar which has five parts. Karan is also one of them. There are eleven Karans in number. They are Bava, Balav, Kaulav, Taitil, Gar, Vanij, Vishti, Sakuni, Chatushpada, Nag, Kistughna. First seven of them are fixed Karans and the remaining four are movable Karans.
Residence of Bhadra :- The residence of Bhadra depends on the sign ( Rashi) in which the Moon is.
1. When the Moon is in Aquarius,Pisces,cancer or Leo,Bhadra resides  in Mratyulok (on earth.)
2.When the Moon is in Aries,Taurus, Gemini or Scorpio, Bhadra resides  in Swarglok (in heaven)
3. When the Moon is in Virgo,Libra,Sagittarius or Capricorn, Bhadra resides in Patal lok (under world.)
The effect of the residence of Bhadra -
Bhadra has its effect where it resides.
The Bhadra residing in Mrityulok must be avoided for any auspicious. Although Bhadra residing in Swarglok and in Paataal lok can be taken for doing auspicious task yet it is better to avoid Bhadra period for any auspicious work.
Raksha Bandhan, Holika Dahan and Bhadra :-
" भद्रायां द्वे न कर्त्तव्ये श्रावणी फाल्गुनी तथा। "
"Bhadraayaam Dve Na Kartvye Shraavanee - Faalgunee Tathaa."
During the Bhadra period Rakhi must not be tied and Holika dahan must not be done.If it is done, it may bring  bad luck.
What can be done during Bhadra -
The following activities can be done during Bhadra period -
Fighting , use of poison , fire , capturing some one, using and making weapons, going for a war, filing court cases, work or activities related to animals i. e. horse, buffalo, camel , donkey etc.

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