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Saturday, October 12, 2013

(10.3.15) Kartik Maas / Kartik Snan / Kartik Vrat 2016

The significance of Kartik month , Kartik Snan and Kartik Vrat

Kartik, an auspicious month :-
In the year 2016 Kartik Snan  begins on Sunday, 16.10.2016.
Kartik month is considered very auspicious . It is said that - 
"Naa Kaartik samo maaso , Naa Satyug samam yugam.
Naa Ved sadrisham shastram, Naa tirtham  gangayaa samam ."
It means is that there is no other month is as the month of Kartik , no other era is as Satyug , no other scriptures are as the Vedas and no other pilgrimage is as the Ganga . 
This month is very dear to Lord Vishnu . This is the month of Dan , Punya and snan .The rituals performed during this month give result equal to going to all the pilgrimages .
Significance of bath in the month of Kartik :-
In the Hindu calendar there are twelve months . Among these twelve months three months are considered sacred and auspicious . These three months are - Vaisakh,Kartik and Maagh .If a person takes a bath in these three months with the feeling of devotion , humility and belief , his sins are are washed away . 
According to the Madan Paarijat , " Kaartikam sakalam maasam nityasnaayee jitendriya: ,
Japan havishyabhukchhant: sarva paapai pramuchyate ."
Meaning :- "In the month of Kartik , the person who keeps his senses under control , takes a bath and Havishya food ( i. e. barley, wheat , green gram, milk , curds and ghee) and keeps fast , his / her sins are removed ."
Taking a bath in the Brahma Muhurat early in he morning in some river , stream, pond, or at a well is considered auspicious . After taking a bath the person should worship Radha - Krishna, Peepal tree and Tulasi plant . In the evening he should worship Lord vishnu and light a Deepak near the Tulsi plant. He should tell or listen to the religious stories related to Kartik month and Kartik Snan .
When does Kartik snan and Vrat begin :-
Kartik Vrat begins from Ashvin shukla Purnima and ends on Kartik shukla Poornima .The people who observe Kartik fasts should get up early in the morning take a bath. All through the month of Kartik the people, particularly women, get up early in the monning and go to a river or a pond or a well in groups singing Bhajans. They take their bath then they go to the nearby temple for worshiping.
Worshiping Tulsi plant :-  
Tulsi plant considered to be a sacred plant. It is believed that this plant is very dear to Lord Vishnu. It is also considered to be the wife of Lord Vishnu .  So during the month of Kartik this plant is worshiped with devotion and shown due respect to it .  

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