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Friday, October 4, 2013

(13.2.5) Precautions while bursting crackers

Safety measures while bursting crackers.
(or) Precautions to prevent any unpleasant incident during Deepawali.
(or) Tips to enjoy a safe Diwali.
(or) How to enjoy a safe Deepawali.

Deepawali or Diwali  is a festival of joy, hope and victory of good over the evil. Throwing coloured water on one another is the inevitable part of celebrating Holi, in the same way bursting crackers is also the part and parcel of the festival of Depawali, particularly for the young ones. They explode crackers and let off fire works. Fire Works and bursting crackers are the source of great attraction to them. But the moments of joy and pleasure can become the moments of tragedy if some precautionary measures are not observed while bursting crackers.
Here under are given the safety tips and precautions while bursting crackers so that you may enjoy a safe Deepawali/Diwali :-

What to do while bursting crackers :-
- Read the instructions written on the cracker box and follow them strictly.
Always burst the crackers in an open area outside the house.
- Keep the small children away from the place of bursting the crackers.
- You had better keep a first aid box, a bucket full of sand or water ready to face any unpleasant incident or mishap of fire .
- Keep a Proper distance from the cracker while lighting it. It is better to use a long fire wood stick or an agarbatti to light a cracker.
- Wear cotton clothes while bursting crackers.
- It is better to wear shoes while bursting crackers .
-  Light a fire cracker and quickly move away from it.
-You must know the phone numbers of fire brigade station or other emergency services to use them in case of any unpleasant things happen.
- While using any aerial fire works, face it towards the open  sky.
- Always burst crackers under the supervision of the adult.
- One person should light the cracker at a time and the others should have a patience of watching and enjoying bursting the cracker from a proper distance.

What should not be done while bursting crackers:-
  • Do not burn the crackers inside the house.
  • Do not burst the crackers in narrow streets or lanes.
  • Never throw the burning crackers at any other person. It may cause unpleasant thing.
  • Do not point the rockets or other aerial fire works towards the buildings.
  • Do not light the cracker more than one at a time.
  • Do not light the cracker holding it in your hand.
  • Do not bend over the cracker after lighting it to examine why it has not burst.
  • Do not keep the crackers and fire works in your pocket.
  • Do not wear loose nylon or synthetic clothes  while lighting crackers as they may catch fire.
  • Do not keep the lit  match stick or a burning candle near the stock of your crackers.
Keep the above mentioned 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' in mind and enjoy the festival with gaiety in a true sense.

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