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Monday, October 7, 2013

(13.2.6) Diwali / Deepawali greetings , Good wishes & S M S

Diwali Greetings / Deepawali good wishes / Diwali S M S

Festivals bring a positive change in the daily routine and dull life of ours. They bring joy, happiness and new hope to all. They are of great rejoicing and fill in us the spirit of joy  and gaiety.   Happiness of the Festivals can be  doubled if it is shared  with others. Deepawali is also one of the festivals when we can share our happiness  and moments of rejoicings with others.The best way of sharing our happiness with other is to send them our good wishes, greetings and messages on these festivals. The wishes and greeting refresh the memories of the sender as well as the receiver. They fill both the sender and receiver with the feeling of closeness as the receiver  feels that the sender lovingly remembers and cares for him/her. Here under are some of the greetings, good wishes and messages. We hope they will certainly double your joy and strengthen your love, affection and relationship with your friends, relatives and dear ones :-

(1) All the nine Planets play an important role in the life of the individual. On this occasion of Diwali festival I wish and hope that they will remain favourable to you all through the year.
(A) May the planet Sun, the Karak of
soul, strengthen your self confidence and give you good health.
(B) May Moon, the Karak of mind,keep your mind stable and give you peace and presence of mind and keep you mentally fit.
(C) May Mars, the karak of courage, valour and patience, give you courage to do the right and the patience to accept the things as they are.
(D) May Mercury give you intelligence, learning, wisdom and power of speech to get the success in every field of life.
(E)  May Jupiter, the most benefic planet, give you wealth, good progeny, glory, reputation, religious mentality and contentment.
(F)  May Venus, the benefic planet, give you good vehicles,  happiness and worldly pleasure,and familial harmony.
(G)May  Saturn, the planet of justice, give you the reasoning power (To make the difference between good and bad), longevity and good health.

(2) While everything of future remains enveloped in the cloudy veil of mystery, I wish you the happiest and prosperous new year on this propitious day of Diwali.

(3) Accept my heartiest wishes on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

(4) Best wishes for you on this day of joy and pleasure.

(5) May this Diwali fulfill all your expectations and dreams.

(6) In this age of anxiety and restlessness may you have solace and peace of mind by the grace of goddess laxmi.

(7) May the lights of Diwali bless your family with joy and familial harmony.

(8) May all the heavenly joys be showered upon you on this auspicious occasion of Diwali.

(9) May, Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth, Shower her blessings upon you on this day of Diwali.

(10) Diwali is the festival of Lights. May this light show you the right path to the destination you want to reach.

(11) I Pray to Goddess Laxmi to give you health, wealth and contentment.

(12) Diwali is a symbol of the victory of good over the evil. May this Diwali fill you with good and wise things.

(13) Hope is immortal and it makes the life worth living. Contentment relieves the anxieties and fills one with positive feelings. Love makes everything beautiful in one's life. May all the three be yours.

(14) May this auspicious occasion bring prosperity and good luck for you and your family.

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