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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

(6.2.11) Vishnu Vivah - A Remedial Measure for Marital Problems & Widowhood

Vishnu Vivah (Remedial Measure for marriage related problems)

What is a Vishnu Vivah
Vishnu Vivah is a symbolic marriage which is solemnized as a remedial measure for marital problems and particularly for widowhood.
When to solemnize Vishnu Vivah :- 
In the birth chart of a girl, there may be such a placement of planets which may cause delay in the marriage, unpleasant married life and widowhood (Vaidhavya dosh).
If in the birth chart of a girl, the lord of the seventh house is malefic or receiving the Drashti from a malefic planet or is posited with a malefic planet in the sixth or eighth  or twelfth house or it is in the sign of the enemy planet, it causes delay in the marriage or causes widowhood or can deprive the girl of her Pati Sukh or can disrupt the marital bliss.
In the same way if a Kroor planet is in Lagna and Mars is in the seventh house from the Lagna or moon is in the Lagna and Mars is in the seventh house or mars is in the first/ fourth / seventh / eighth / twelfth house , it may also lessen marital bliss.
What are the remedial measures for marital problems or widowhood 
In the astrological scriptures some remedial measures have been suggested for marital maladies or widowhood. They are Vat savitri Vrat, Ashavatth Vrat, Karkati Vrat. Besides these Vratas, there is also the mention of Kumbh Vivah, Ashavath Vivah and Vishnu Vivah in the Markandey Puan.
Procedure of Vishnu Vivah :-
Before the Lokik marriage (actual marriage) , the Vishnu Vivah should be solemnized in the auspicious marriage Muhurat. For it a separate room should be chosen. In this room there should be the parents of the girl, the girl in the bridal and the priest or the Pandit.  The Vishnu image made of gold should be placed on a Pata. The girl should sit facing east to the right side of the Pata (on which the Vishnu image is placed).The girl's parents should sit facing north. After Ganpati poojan, Matrika Poojan, Nandi Shradh, the vishnu Pratima (Image) is properly worshipped. Then Kanyadan is done. Thus all the rituals are briefly fulfilled.
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