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Sunday, November 10, 2013

(10.1.13) Gudi Padwa 20167

Gudi Padwa  2017

When is Gudu Padwa in 2017
In the year 2017 Gudi Padawa is on Tuesday, 28 March, 2017. 
Important Things about Gudi Padwa- 
- Gudi Padava is mainly the festival of Maharashtra.
- Padaw is the another name for Pratipada of the Hindu Lunar month. It is celebrated on the Chaitra Shukla Pradtipada.
- Gudi Padwa is also  the first day of the Hindu new year, on this day Chaitra or  Basant Nav Ratra starts. 
- The people of Maharashtra celebrate this festival to welcome the new year. 
- This day is also known as Ugadi in Anthra Pradesh and Karnatak.
- According to the Brahma Puran, Lord Brahma started the creation of this universe on this day. 
- Gudi Paewa is also considered as one of the Sadhe Teen Swayam Siddhi (Self Proven)  Muhuratas
People like to begin a new venture, buy new clothes, vehicles and starting new business on this auspicious day.
In the rural area of Maharastra, people clean their houses and plaster the court yards with cow dung and draw colourful designs of different things. In the cities people clean their houses and women draw colourful rangolis at their door steps. People wear new clothes. They consider it  as auspicious to start the day by eating bitter leaves of Neem Tree.
 It is also considered auspicious to prepare paste by mixing leaves of Neem tree, dhaniya, jaggery and tamarind. The members of the family eat this paste.They believe that it purifies their blood increases immunity power. 
People hang Gudis out side their houses. For it they put a brass pot upside down on a pole decorated with silk clothes, flower garlands mango leaves and coconut. It is believed that this Gudi is a symbol of victory of Marathas. It is also believed that the Gudi removes the evil things and brings prosperity and good luck.
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