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Sunday, November 10, 2013

(10.1.14) Ugadi 2017

Ugadi 2017 / Yugadi 2017

When is Ugadi in 2017
In the year 2016 Ugadi is on Tuesday , 28.03.2017.
1.Important things about Ugadi :-
(1) Ugadi is mainly the festival of Andhra Pradesh and Karnatak .
(2) Ugadi is the combination of two words 'Yug' (which means 'Era') and 'Aadi' (which means beginning'). Thus Ugadi is the beginning of the new year.
(3) It is only a one day festival.
(4) The same day is celebrated as Gudi Padawa in Maharashtra.
(5) The same day is also the first day of the Hindu new year.
(6) It is also the day when Lord Brahma started the creation of this universe.
(7) This day is the day of joy and zeal.
2. Celebrations
People get up early in the morning. They clean their houses and tie fresh mango leaves over the door ways on this day. People plaster the ground in front of their houses with cow dung and draw colourful designs on it. They pray for the health of their family members, prosperity and success in their life. Some people read religious scriptures, chant mantras, listen to the hymns etc. 
It is believed that Udadi is the most auspicious day for starting a new venture and on this day people buy new vehicles and other things. 
3. Panchang Sravanam- 
 Is is also a tradition to go to the temples and listen to the yearly calendar. It is known as Panchang Sravanam. Priest make predictions for the coming year.
4. Ugadi Pachadi - 
Besides Puja and rituals people enjoy traditional dishes. Ugadi pachadi  is a kind of a paste or chatney. This Pachadi is made of Jaggery, raw mango, fresh tamarind, new leaves of the Neem tree and chili powder.This dish is a combination of sweet, sour and bitter taste.This taste represents the taste of life which is also the combination of sweet and bitter experiences. 
They eat this chutney with an empty stomach. It is also served as a Prasad.
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