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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

(10.1.16 ) Baisakhi / Vaisakhi 2017

 Vaisakhi / Baisakhi ,the festival 2017

When is Vaisakhi celebrated 
Baisakhi is a seasonal festival which is chiefly celebrated in Punjab and Haryana. Every year this festival is celebrated on 13 April or on 14 April and according to Nanak Shahi calender.
How is Baisakhi celebrated.
Vaisakh is the month when the harvest of wheat, gram and barley stands in full growth. So the farmer community is filled with feelings of prosperity and happiness. They thank god of good crops and pray for the prosperity in the year to come. On this day people get up early and have a bath in the holy rivers and wear traditional new clothes. At different places fairs are held by the sides of the river at the places which are religiously famous. On the day of Baisakhi a large number of people gather at the Mela  grounds. The fairs have all sorts of attractions. The Punjabis perform 'Bhangara' dance to express their joy and zeal. People enjoy the dances standing in circles.When the evening draws near, the people retire to their homes full of cheer and joy.
Customs and rituals
Baisakhi is a harvest festival so it is celebrated in the open fields. Men and women wear customary dresses and take part in popular Bhangara dance.
But this festival has religious importance also. So the followers of the Sikh religion wake up early in the morning and go to the Gurudwaras to attend special meetings. They give preference to visit Golden Temple, which is the revered place for the Sikhs. But those who are not able to go to Golden temple, go the neighbouring Gurudwaras.
At the Grudwaras, the Gurugranth sahib, which is the holy book of the Sikhs, is taken out and it is given a symbolic bath with milk and water. Then Guru Granth Sahib is placed on the throne. This book is then read out to the followers.
 In the afternoon Gurugranth Sahib is taken out in a procession. The men, women and children take part in this procession with enthusiasm. This procession moves through the major parts of the city. During this procession people dance at the beatings of Bhangra drums. Devotees sing religious songs. Thus the festival comes to an end.
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