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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

(10.1.19) Pongal ( A Harvest Festival) 2017

Pongal Festival 

When is Pongal 
In the year 2017 the festival pongal is on Saturday 14 January 2017. 
Important things about Pongal :-
Pongal is mainly the festival of the state of Tamil Nadu. It is celebrated with great pomp and show by the Tamils at the end of harvest season.It is also a harvest festival when people express there joy for good crops.They clean and decorate their houses.They wear new clothes.The festival of Pongal is celebrated for four days.
1.Bhogi pongal - Bhogi Pongal is the first day of the Pongal festival.It is dedicated to Indra,the god of rain.On this day people rise early and clean their houses.They collect old,useless and torn house hold items and burn them.The houses are decorated with flowers and Rangolis.
2. Surya Pongal - Surya Pongal is the second day of the Pongal festival.It is dedicated to god sun.On this day milk is boiled and let it over flow.The god sun is worshiped and offered prayers.People wear new clothes and women decorate their houses.Sweets are prepared and they is shared with the members of the family and the friends.
3. Mattu Pongal - Mattu Pongal is the third day of the Pongal festival.This day is dedicated to the cattle.It is believed that cattle play an important role in getting good crops.Cattle are bathed and decorated.They are given due respect for their help in the work related to farming.
4. Cannum Pongal - Cannum Pongal is the fourth day of the Pongal festival.On this day people visit their friends and relatives.Some people go for a picnic with the members of the family and enjoy the day.With this day the festival of Pongal comes to an end..

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