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Sunday, December 1, 2013

(13.2.8) Swaroday / Swar Yog / Swar Vigyan / The science of breathing

What is Swar/ What is Swar Yog / What is Swar Vigyan / What is the Science of Breathing ?

What is Svaroday / Swar vigyan -
With the development of the human civilization different branches of knowledge also developed and came into existence. Swar vigyan is also one of them. Swar vigyan is related to inhaling ( taking or breating air into the lungs ) and exhaling ( taking out air from the lungs ). In other words swar vigyan is a science of breathing.
Kinds of Swar - There are three types of Swar. They are 1. Surya Swar 2. Chandra Swar 3. Sushuman Swar.
What is Surya Swar - When the right nostril is running ( i.e. taking air in and taking air out from the right nostril ), it is called Surya Swar.
What is Chandra Swar - When the left nostril is running ( i.e. taking air in and taking air out through left nostril ), it is called Chandra Swar.
Sushumana Swar - When both the right nostril and the left nostril run ( i.e. taking air in and taking air out through both the nostrils together ), it is called Sushumana Swar.
How to know or examine which of the swar is running - Put your finger on your left nostril and press it slightly, and find out if the air is coming out and going into your lungs easily through your right nostril ( if it is so ) it means your right nostril is running. and if you find difficult to take air in and take air out through right nostril, it means your right nostril is not running.
Repeat the same process by putting  your finger on your right nostril and find out whether your left nostril is running or not.
By doing so you will be able to know which of your swars is running or active or on.
Uses of Swar
What to do when Chandra Swar is on - When the left nostril is running, the people should do auspicious tasks, house entering, education, learning, religious activities, donation, wearing new clothes, purchasing land, starting new business, contact with other for good activities, friendship, agreement, agriculture related activities, yog practicing, worship, learning fine arts, creative work, and other auspicious activities.
What to do when Surya Swar is on - When the right nostril is running, the people should do hard and laborious work, buying and selling animals, mantra sadhana, using weapons, war, attack, enmity, gambling, or any destructive activities.
What to do when Sushumana Swar is on -
When both the nostrils i.e. left and right nostrils are running, the people should not start any new activity or work. During this time, they should practice yog, worshiping and the activities related to devotion and religion.
Journey and the Swar -
For a successful journey,the following guidelines given by swar vigyan can be followed -
When you start your journey, examine your swar by putting your finer on the left and the right nostril ( as given above ) and find out which of your swar is running.
If your left nostril ( Chandra swar ) is running, take your left step first and start your journey. If your right nostril ( Surya swar ) is running, take your right step first and start your journey.
Horary astrology and swar -
If the question is asked when the left swar is on, it is the indication of success in the work. If the question is asked when the right swar is on, the success is doubtful.
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