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Monday, December 2, 2013

(14.1.2 ) Ganesh Mantra / Ganesh Stotra Jap Process

How to Chant the Mantra or Stotra related to Lord Ganesh.-

After getting fresh from daily routine, sit on a rug or on a blanket facing east or north in a separate room or at any suitable and peaceful  place. Keep a framed picture of Lord Ganesh in Front of you. Close your eyes and meditate on Lord Ganesh with the feeling that he is wearing white garments, he has the complexion like the moon. He has four arms and pleasant face. He is considered the god of good luck. He blesses his devotees with success in their actions. He is the remover of all the obstacles which come across in one's life. I pray to such a great good Ganesh to fulfilll my desires, give me success in my work and remove my problems. After this feeling, Jap (repeat or chant) the desired mantra or Stotra as many times as you can everyday.
When the Mantra Jap or reciting the strotra is over, do not leave the place of Puja immediately. After the Mantra Jap sit very quiety, close your eyes and reflect upon the infinitive love of Lord Ganesh. Have a feeling in your mind that Lord Ganesh. Have a feeling in your mind that Lord Ganesh has accepted your prayer. He is pouring his blessings upon you. Your desires will certainly be fulfilled by the grace of god Ganesh. After it fold your hands and pay respects to god Ganesh and commence your routine duties.
Have full devotion and faith in the Mantra/Stotra and god Ganesh for positive results. During the period of reciting the Mantra or Stotra, you should always have the feeling of well-being of others and should not have malice against any person.
The list of some of the Mantras and Strots related to Lord Ganesh is given here under :- 
(9) Ganesh Stotra ( For well being blessings ) 

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