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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

(14.1.8) Ganesh Stotra (For Removing obstacles and Getting success)

Obstacle removing Ganesh Stotra

Ganesh is the Lord of wisdom and wealth. He is also known as the remover of obstacles , hurdles and hardships. Here under is given the Vighna Nashak Ganesh Stotra. If a person recites this Stotra daily with faith in Lord Ganesh , his obstacles are sure to remove and he will get success in his efforts by the grace of Lord ganesh. The Stotra is as follows -
Param dhaamam param brahma paresham parmeeshwaram.
Vighna nivighnakaram shaantam pushtam kaantamanantakam.
Suraasurendrai siddhendre stutam staumi paraatparam. 
Surapadmadinesham ch ganesham mangalaayanam. 
Idam stotram mahaapunyam vighnashokaharam param. 
Yeh patheth praataruthaay sarvavighnaat pramuchyate.
परं धाम परं ब्रह्म परेशं परमीश्वरम्।
विघ्ननिघ्नकरं शांतं  पुष्टं कान्तमनन्तकम्।
सुरासुरेंद्रै: सिद्धेन्द्रे: स्तुतं स्तौमि परात्परं।
सुरपद्मदिनेशं च गणेशं मंगलायनम्।
इदं स्तोत्रम महापुण्यं विघ्नशोकहरं परम्।
य : पठेत् प्रातरुथाय सर्वविघ्नात् प्रमुच्यते।
Benefits of reciting this obstacle removing Stotra - 
This stotra is the remover of all the obstacles and hurdles that come across while doing any work. The person who recites this stotra everyday in the morning observing proper Jap Process, gets relief from all kinds of obstacles and gets success in his work.
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