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Thursday, December 19, 2013

(5.3.21) Hora Muruhat

Hora Muhurat for doing or starting all types of events / activities 

What is Hora Muhurat :-
Hora is a kind of a muhurat which can be called an alternative of a Muhurat; It is a twenty four (24) Chakra or cycle which is ruled by seven planets. The Hora chakra begins from the sunrise and ends at the sunrise on the next day. There are seven Horas of the seven planets. These Horas rotate in a circle the whole day and the whole night. Thus there are twenty four Horas. One can find the appropriate or auspicious time through this Hora chakra for starting any work.
The duration of one hora is about one hour but it may be a bit longer or shorter in context to the length of the day and the night of that particular day.
When to use Hora Muhurat :-
There might be a day when no proper Muhurat is available for doing a particular task, and due to some urgency that task is necessary to be done. In that  case Hora Muhurat can use used to do that Particular task.
How to use Hora Muhurat/ The Method of  using Hora Muhurat:- 
If someone wants to submit a tender on Tuesday and there is no Proper Muhurat for submitting Tender on that Tuesday.In that case he can submit the tender in Sun Hora i.e. in the Second or ninth or Sixteenth Hora on that Tuesday because according to the Hora Muhurat Chart a tender can be submitted during the Sun Hora.
How Hora Muhurat is calculated :-
If the sun rises at six , the first Hora  begins at six o'clock and second hora begins at seven and third Hora begins at eight o'clock and like this it will go on till the  sunrise next day.
Hora Chart :- 
Sunday-  ( I Hora to VIII Hora )
(1) Sunday,(II) Friday, (III)Wednesday,(IV) Monday,(V) Saturday, (VI)Thursday, (VII)Tuesday, (VIII) Sunday,    
Sunday :- ( IX Hora to XVI Hora )
(IX) Friday, (X) Wednesday,(XI) Monday,(XII) Saturday, (XIII) Thursday, (XIV) Tuesday,(XV) Sunday,(XVI) Friday, 
Sunday :- ( XVII) Hora to XXIV Hora )
(XVII) Wednesday,(XVIII) Monday,(XIX) Saturday,(XX) Thursday,(XXI) Tuesday,(XXII) Sunday,(XXIII) Friday, (XXIV) Wednesday.

Monday- ( I Hora to VIII Hora )
(I) Monday,(II) Saturday,(III) Thursday,(IV) Tuesday,(V) Sunday, (VI) Friday,(VII) Wednesday,(VIII) Monday,    
Monday-( IX Hora to XVI Hora )
(IX) Saturday,(X) Thursday,(XI) Tuesday,(XII) Sunday, (XIII) Friday,(XIV)Wednesday,(XV) Monday,(XVI) Saturday,   
Monday- ( XVII) Hora to XXIV Hora )    
(XVII) Thursday,(XVIII) Tuesday,(XIX) Sunday,(XX) Friday, (XXI) Wednesday,(XXII) Monday,(XXIII) Saturday,(XXIV) Thursday.

Tuesday- ( I Hora to VIII Hora )
(I) Tuesday,(II) Sunday,(III) Friday,(IV) Wednesday,(V) Monday, (VI) Saturday,(VII) Thursday,(VIII) Tuesday, 
Tuesday- ( IX Hora to XVI Hora )
(IX) Sunday,(X) Friday,(XI) Wednesday,(XII) Monday,(XIII)  Saturday,(XIV) Thursday,(XV) Tuesday,(XVI) Sunday, 
Tuesday-( XVII) Hora to XXIV Hora )
(XVII) Friday,(XVIII) Wednesday,(XIX) Monday,(XX) Saturday, (XXI) Thursday,(XXII) Tuesday,(XIII) Sunday,(XXIV) Friday.

Wednesday - ( I Hora to VIII Hora )
(I) Wednesday,(II) Monday,(III) Saturday,(IV) Thursday,(V) Tuesday,(VI) Sunday,(VII) Friday,(VIII) Wednesday,   
Wednesday - ( IX Hora to XVI Hora )
(IX) Monday,(X) Saturday,(XI) Thursday,(XII) Tuesday,(XIII) Sunday,(XIV) Friday,(XV) Wednesday,(XVI) Monday,     
Wednesday - ( XVII) Hora to XXIV Hora )
(XVII) Saturday,(XVIII) Thursday,(XIX) Tuesday,(XX)  Sunday, (XXI) Friday,(XXII) Wednesday,(XXIII) Monday,(XXIV) Saturday.

Thursday - ( I Hora to VIII Hora )
(I) Thursday,(II) Tuesday,(III) Sunday,(IV) Friday,(V)Wednesday, (VI) Monday,(VII) Saturday,(VIII) Thursday,   
Thursday - ( IX Hora to XVI Hora )
(IX) Tuesday,(X) Sunday,(XI) Friday,(XII) Wednesday,(XIII) Monday,(XIV) Saturday,(XV) Thursday,(XVI) Tuesday, 
Thursday -( XVII) Hora to XXIV Hora )
(XVII) Sunday,(XVIII) Friday,(XIX) Wednesday,(XX) Monday, (XXI) Saturday,(XXII) Thursday,(XXIII) Tuesday,(XXIV) Sunday.

Friday- ( I Hora to VIII Hora )
(I) Friday,(II) Wednesday,(III) Monday,(IV) Saturday,(V) Thursday,(VI) Tuesday,(VII) Sunday,(VIII) Friday, 
Friday- ( IX Hora to XVI Hora )
(IX) Wednesday,(X) Monday,(XI) Saturday,(XII) Thursday,(XIII) Tuesday,(XIV)  Sunday,(XV) Friday,(XVI) Wednesday, 
Friday-( XVII) Hora to XXIV Hora )
(XVII) Monday,(XVIII) Saturday,(XIX) Thursday,(XX) Tuesday, (XXI) Sunday,(XXII) Friday,(XXIII) Wednesday,(XXIV) Monday.

Saturday- ( I Hora to VIII Hora )
(I)  Saturday,(II) Thursday,(III) Tuesday,(IV) Sunday,(V) Friday, (VI) Wednesday,(VII) Monday,(VIII) Saturday, 
Saturday- ( IX Hora to XVI Hora )
(IX) Thursday,(X) Tuesday,(XI)  Sunday,(XII) Friday,(XIII) Wednesday,(XIV) Monday,(XV) Saturday,(XVI) Thursday,
Saturday-( XVII) Hora to XXIV Hora )
(XVII) Tuesday,(XVIII) Sunday,(XIX) Friday,(XX) Wednesday, (XXI) Monday,(XXII) Saturday,(XXIII) Thursday,(XIV) Tuesday.

Hora and Suitability (What task can be done during a particular Hora) :-

Sun Hora- During the sun hora one can do the work related to government work, meeting with officers, giving and taking over one's charges, joining the duty, submitting tenders, giving applications etc.

Moon Hora- During the Moon hora one can do the work related to water, agriculture, gardening. Moon hora is considered as fruitful for all the auspicious work.

Mars Hora- Journey, giving loan, going to meeting or society mechanical work, sports, court cases, quarreling etc are recommended during Mars Hora.

Mercury Hora- Education, learning, reading, writing, starting new writing works, publishing a book, printing, new business, collecting money, submitting application, trade, communication, banking etc are suitable during mercury hora.

Jupiter Hora- Marriage related activities, establishing new relations, meeting with high officials, poetry writing, publishing, opening a new bank account, collection things, learning  education etc. are suitable during Jupiter Hora.

Venus Hora- Cinema, film making, new clothes, ornaments, marriage, love, romance, recreation, music, dance, journey, auspicious work are suitable in Venus Hora.

Saturn Hora- New house construction, entering  a new house, purchasing land, machinery mill beginning, laying foundation, opening a fixed deposit account, oil, iron, steel related activities, collection of metal, mining related activities are suitable during Saturn Hora.

1. Sun Hora is more effective on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
2. Moon Hora is more effective on Monday and Thursday.
3. Mars Hora is more effective on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
4.Jupiter Hora is more effective on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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