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Friday, January 24, 2014

(10.3.22) Maghi Amavasya (Mouni Amavasya) 2017

Maghi Amavasya Vrat and Snan 2017

When is Maghi Amavasya in 2017
The Amavasya of Magh month is known as Maghi Amavasya.
In the year 2017 Maghi Amavasya is on Friday, 27.01.2017.
Important things about Maghi Amavasya-
1. The other names for Maghi Amavasya is Maunii Amavasya. Observing silence on this day is considered very very fruitful.
2. On Maghi Amavasya taking bath in the holy river and observing fast is considered very fruitful.
3. Maghi Amavasya is also celebrated as the birth day of the great sage Manu.
4. If Maghi Amavasya falls on Monday, it becomes much more important.
5. If Jupiter is in Vrishabh Rashi and sun and moon are in Makar Rashi, Kumbh Parva at Pryag is held.
6. During Kumbh mela, Maghi Amavasya is the most important day for bathing at Prayag.
7. It is believed that the person who observes vrat and takes bath as Prayagraj in the month of Magh, is free from his sins and goes to heaven.
8. If on Maghi Amavasya, there are Sunday, Vyatipat Yog and Shravan Nakshatra, Arghyoday yog is formed. During this Arghyoday yog, observing fast, giving donation and taking bath is considered more fruitful.
9. It is believed that on Maghi Amavasya the water of all the rivers becomes as pure as that of the river Ganga, so people can take bath in a near by river. But if it is not possible to bath at his own home in pure and clean water.
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