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Friday, January 24, 2014

(10.3.23) Shitala Saptami /Sheetala Saptmi 2017

Shitala Saptmi 2017
When is Shitala Saptmi 
In the year 2017, Shitala Saptmi is on Sunday, 19.03.2017 (but Pooja will be done on Monday, 20.03.2017)
Chaitra Krishna Saptami is known as Shitala Saptami. On this day Devi Shitala Mata is worshiped with devotion. It is believed that worshiping goddess Shitala brings peace and prosperity in the family. The members of family do not suffer from small pox and measles.
Important things abut Shitala Saptami :-
1. Chaitra Krishna Saptami is known as Sitala Saptami.
2. Shitala Saptami is widely celebrated in north India.
3. Shitala Saptami is dedicated to Shitala Mata, Who is the goddess of small pox, measles, sore and other contagious diseases.
4. On this day people eat food that is prepared on the previous day. No hot food is eaten on this day.
5. People observe vrat on this day and worship the goddess Shitala Mata.
6. It is believed that the vrat and worship of Shitala Mata appeases the goddess Sitala Mata and she keeps the members of the family of the worshipers safe from small pox, measles, and other contagious diseases.
7. People bathe in cold water on this day.
8. Goddess Shitala rides on a donkey, she has a broom and a kalash (pot) full of cold water in her hands.

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