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Friday, January 24, 2014

(10.3.25) Dasha Mata Vrat 2017

Dasha Mata Vrat 2017/ Dasha Mata Puja in 2017

(Note- For Dasha Mata Vrat in Gujrat click here)
When is Dasha Mata Vrat and Puja in 2017
In the year 2017, Dasha Mata Vrat and Puja is on 23.03.2017, Thursday.
Auspicious time for Pooja -
Shubh Chaughadiya from 06:43 to 08:13
Abhijit Muhurat 12:20 to 13:09
On Chaitra Krishna Dashami, Dasha Mata is worshiped and Vrat is observed by women. This Puja begins from Chaitra Krishna Pratipada and continues till Chaitra Krishna Dashami. It is believed that worshiping Dasha Mata and observing this fast brings prosperity and peace in the family.
Dasha Mata Vrat and Puja Vidhi -
Dasha Mata Vrat starts from the next day of the festival of Holi i.e. Chaitra Krishna Pratipda and  ends on the tenth day i. e. on Chaitra Krishna Dashami.
Every day for all the ten days after taking a bath, the women worship Dashamata.
On the first day they make the symbol of Swastik on the wall, then they put ten Bindus (round marks) of Mehandi and Kumkum. Swastik represents Ganpati and the ten Bindus (round marks) represent  Dasha Mata. The women worship the Swastik and the ten Bindus all the ten days. After the worship, stories related to Dasha Mata are told and listened. On the first day ten stories told. On the second, third,fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth day seven stories are told. On the tenth day ten stories are told. The women observe fast for all the ten days.
On the tenth day i. e. on Chaitra Krishna Dashami, the women assemble in groups and go to a Peepal tree. They worship Peepal tree and Dasha Mata. Stories are told and listened. The women wear a Bel (बेळ / बेल) a yellow string or cord with ten knots around their necks, as the symbol of DashaMata. Every year the old Bel is taken off and new Bel is worn.
(Note - At some places only the tenth day i. e. on the Dashami Tithi, the women observe fast and worship Dasha Mata only for one day).
Importance of Dasha mata Vrat -This Vart is obeserved by all the women folk with the belief that the Poojan and the Vrat of Dasha Mata improve their  condition and bring prosperity to them.
May Dasha Mata bless you  and fulfill your wishes!
Note - For Dasha Mata Vrat and rituals in Gujrat, CLICK HERE)

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