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Sunday, January 5, 2014

(14.2) Hanuman (Some facts, Mantras, Stotras etc)

Monkey god Hanuman
(A) Some facts about  god Hanuman are as follows :-
(1).Hanuman , the monkey god , is the son of Vaayu or Maaruti, the wind god. He is also known as the son of Vaanar Raaj Kesari.
(2) The mother of Hanuman is Anjani.
(3) Lord Hanuman is considered to be an Avataar ( incarnation ) of Lord Shiva. It is said that Lord Shiva took birth in the form of Hanman to serve Shri Ram and kill Ravan , the demon king of Lanka.
(4) God Hanuman was a great devotee of Shri Ram. Thus he is the symbol of devotion and dedication.
(5) Hanuman was strong ,intelligent and kind to all. He helps the persons who pray to him.
(6) Hanuman Jayanti is the birth anniversary of god Hanuman. It falls on the Purnima of Chaitra Month. According to some other view Kaartik Krishna Chaturdashi is known as his birth day.
(B) Mantras and Stotras dedicated to Hanuman :-
(14.2.1) Twelve names of god Hanuman
(10.1.11) Hanuman Jayanti 
(8.2.9) Hanuman Mantra ( For removing obstacles,problems & getting rid of litigation,court cases)
(8.2.16) Hanuman Mantra ( For happiness,prosperity,wisdom & strength
(14.2.2) The Birth of Hanuman 
(14.2.3) Hanuman Mantra for getting safety and protection

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