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Thursday, January 30, 2014

(14.3.1) Panchdev / Five Gods in Hinduism

 Five Gods (Panch Dev)

 Panchdev(पंच देव कौन हैं ?)
According to the Hinduism five gods are the chief gods. These five gods are Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh, Shakti and Surya. According to the Hindu scriptures, these five gods are worshiped during every religious activity.
The following shloka is mentioned in ' Shabad Kalpadrum Kosh ' -
Aadityam Gananaatham cha devim rudram cha keshavam.
Panch daivatyaamityuktam sarv karmasu poojayate. ( Matsya Puran )  
 आदित्यं गणनाथं च देवी रुद्रं च केशवम्
पञ्च दैवत्य मित्युक्तं सर्व कर्मसु पूजयेत् ( मत्स्य पुराण )
Surya, Ganesh, Durga, Shiva and Vishnu (सूर्य, गणेश, दुर्गा, शिव और विष्णु )- these five are called Panch devas. They should be worshiped in all the religious activities. There are five elements in the  universe. They are earth, water, fire, air and ether. Each of the five gods is the lord of one of the five elements. Lord Shiva is the lord of Earth, Vishnu is the lord of ether, Bhagavati Devi is the lord of fire, Ganesh is the lord of water, Surya is the lord of air 
( Source - Shri Ganesh Ank page 45 and Nitya karam pooja prakash page 105 ).  
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