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Friday, January 24, 2014

(4.1.1) Kabir / Events related to Kabir's life

Teachings of Kabir /  Events related to Kabir 

Main teachings of Kabir
Kabir was a great poet. His life was full of many virtues. He taught us an important lesson that God loves all men. His life and his Dohes are full of teachings, but his three main teaching are -
1. God loves all men.
2. God is every where.
3. There must be love in the heart for God.
Kabir's birth and childhood - 
One day a weaver pair named Niru and Nima were going to Banaras in a bullock cart. On their way to Banaras they stopped near a pool to drink water and to take a rest for a while. When they were drinking water Nima heard a cry which was coming from the big lotus leaves. When Niru went into the water of the pool, he saw a male child on the lotus leaves. At first they did not want to take the child with them as they were poor. But Nima's did not want to leave the child there. So they took the child with them and brought him up like an ordinary Muslim child.
How Kabir became the disciple of Swami Ramanand - 
When Kabir grew up, he had a great desire to have a true knowledge, so he went to the Ashram of Swami Ramanand to make him his Guru. But the disciples of Swami Ramanand did not let him meet Swami Ramanand.
Kabir did not lose his hope. So he did not go away from there. He spent the night under the trees. Next morning when he saw Swami ji going to the river for a bath, he followed him and requested him to accept him as his disciple. Swami Ramanand saw Kabir's determination and made him his disciple.
Kabir went to Maghar- 
At that time people believed that the people who died at Banaras, would go to heaven. To break this superstition of the people, Kabir chose the place of his death, and that was Maghar. He wanted to teach an important lesson to people that God is everywhere and one did not have to die in a holy city to find him.
The death of kabir- 
When Kabir died, his followers began to quarrel. The Hindus wanted to burn his dead body. The Muslims said that he should be buried. Both of them said that he was their saint. They were ready to fight over this matter. Just then they heard Kabir's voice in the sky. The voice asked them to take the sheet away from his body. When they removed the sheet, they did not find Kabir's body there. Instead of his body, they found  some flowers. The Muslims took half of the flowers and the Hindus took the other half and they remembered Kabir's words that he was the child of Allah and Ram. Then they completed the funeral following their own customs.
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