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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

( 7.2.13) Dohe of Kabir ( Kabir Ke Dohe / Sakhiyan)

Dohe of Kabir with English translation 

Here under are given the Dohe and Saakhiyan of the great poet - (For Hindi translation CLICK HERE.)
1. Buraa jo dekhan main chalaa, buraa na milayaa koy.
Jo dil khojaa aapanaa, to mujh saa buraa na koy.
Meaning - I went everywhere in search of a bad person, but I found none. When I searched myself, I found that no one is worse than me.
2. Jo toko kaantaa buvai, taahee boye too phool.
To ko phool ke phool hai, vaanko hai trishool.
Meaning - If someone sows a thorny plant for you, you ought to sow a flower plant for him, You will surely get many flowers and the other one will  surely get thorns.
3. Jis marne se jag dare, mere man aanand.
Kab maroo, kab paaun, pooran paramaanand.
Meaning - Everyone is afraid of death but for me death is a means of joy. The death will lead me to absolute bliss. So I am waiting for my death to come.
4. Kabeera garva na keejiye, kabahu na hasiye koy.
Ajahu naav samundar men, na jaane kyaa hoy.
Meaning - Kabir says, you must not feel proud, nor must you laugh at others. The boat of your life is in the middle of the sea and no one knows what will happen to it.
5. Kabeera teri jhopadee, gal katiyan ke pass.
Jo karenge, so bharenge, too kyon hota udaas.
Meaning - Kabir says, " Don't feel sad if your hut is next to the butcher's hut because everyone is responsible for his own conduct and has to bear the result accordingly."
6. Meethaa sabse boliye, sukh upaje chahoo or.
Vashikaran yah mantra hai, tajiye vachan kathor.
Meaning - Kabir sahib advises that we ought to use sweet words while talking to others. This act of ours will create the atmosphere of happiness. It is just like a charm of attraction ( vashikaran mantra ). So we must give up harsh words.
7. Prem na baadee upaje, prem na haath bikaai.
Raajaa, prajaa, jis ruche, sees deya le jaai.
Meaning - Kabir says that love does not grow in any field. It is also not sold in the market. The person whether he is a king or a poor person, has to give up his ego to get love from others. One can get love from others only by loving them.
8. Bhoop dukhee, avadhoot dukhee, dukhee rank vipareet.
Kahe kabeer ye sab dukhee, sukhee sant manjeet.
Meaning - In this world a king is distressed ( grieved ), a sage is also grieved, a poor person is also grieved and even a rich person is also grieved. Kabir says they are all grieved for some reason or the other. But only a pious person, who has won his own mind, is happy ( because he is satisfied with what ever he has. )
9. Maalaa pherat jug gayaa, mitaa na man kaa pher.
Kar kaa mankaa daari de, man kaa man kaa pher.
Meaning - Ages have passed in counting the beads of rosary, but restlessness of mind is still present. The poet advises us to give up counting beads, and try to control our mind only then we shall get peace of mind.
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