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Saturday, February 8, 2014

(10.1.21) Onam - A Festival Of Kerala 2016

ONAM Festival 

Onam is a harvest festival of Kerala. It is a festival of Joy and happiness. It comes during rainy season. The nature is also in a cheerful mood. It's green all around. The people decorate their houses beautifully and cook special food. They put on new clothes and make merry. There is a lot of singing and dancing. Onam is celebrated to  welcome their beloved King Mahabali. 
Onam is a ten day long festival. Of these ten days the  two days, the first day and the last day are very important days. The first day is known as Atham which is considered auspiocious. On this day Pookalam (A flower carpet) is prepared. This Pooklam is made to welcome the king Mahabali. People add fresh flowers to the design of Pooklam. The tenth day is known as Thiru Onam.
The legend of Onam-
Once a demon king Mahabali ruled over this earth. He was a powerful king. He snatched the kingdom of gods. The gods went to Lord Vishnu and prayed Him to help them win back their kingdom. At this Lord Vishnu took the form of a dwarf, dressed like a Brahmin and called at king Mahabali's palace.
"What do you want, Sir ? "asked the king with folded hands.
"Only a piece of land measuring my three steps, " Said the dwarf.
"Go ahead, please and measure it where you like," said the king Mahabali.
The dwarf at once changed in to a huge form and measured the whole earth in one step. In the second step he measured the heaven. Now there remained nothing to put the third step. King Mahabli requested the Brahmin to put his third step on his head.
Lord Vishnu was very pleased with Mahabali and showed him his real form and asked him for his wish.
Mahabali said," My Lord, I love my people very much. I only want to come back and see them once a year."
"So will it be," said the Lord Vishnu.
Since then Mahabali returns to this earth for one day every year. The people of Kerala celebrate the festival of Onam to welcome their beloved king Mahabli.

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