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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

(10.3.4) Ten Characteristics of Dharma (Dharma Ke Das Lakshan)

Dharma Ke Das Lakshan 
The Vedas, the Shastras and the Purans say that the universe rests on DHARMA ( the Divine law), that Dharm alone fulfills human life, that Dharm alone guards man against sins and ushers him into the higher life. According to the Manusmriti the ten characteristics of Dharm are as follows -
Dhriti kshmaa damosteyam shouchminindriyanigrah. 
Dheerviddhyaa satyamakrodho dashakam dharm lakshanam. (Manusmriti 6/92)
धृतिः क्षमा दमोS स्तेयं शौचमिन्द्रिय निग्रहः। 
धीर्विद्या सत्यम क्रोधो दशकं धर्म लक्षणम्। (मनु स्मृति 6 /92 )
1. Patience or Fortitude (धैर्य )
2. Forgiveness क्षमा )
3. Self control (दम )
4 . Non-stealing (अस्तेय = चोरी नहीं करना )
5. Cleanliness (external and internal) (शौच  - मन, वाणी और शरीर की पवित्रता )
6. Mastery of the senses (इंद्रिय निग्रह ) 
7. Benevolent intellect or pure intellect (बुद्धि )
8. Spiritual knowledge or wisdom (विद्या )
9. Truth (सत्य )
10. Non anger or absence of wrath ( अक्रोध )  
In the Mahabharat it is said, " Absence of enmity with all creatures, in thoughts,words and deeds, compassion on all, and charity - these constitute the eternal Dharma of the virtuous."
According to the Padmapuran, the fundamental principles of Dharma are - continence, truthfulness, performance of the five daily sacrifices, charity, practice of self restraint, forgiveness, harmlessness, tranquility and non- thieving. 
In the Valmiki Ramayan it is said - "It is only Dharma through which one gets money, happiness and everything. Dharma is the essence of this universe." (Arayanakaand- 9/30)
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