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Thursday, February 13, 2014

(12.4.1) Think before you act to avoid unpleasant results

Before undertaking any task one must think deeply over it and its consequences. He must carefully consider whether what he is going to do is really conducive of good to him and correct at once whatever defect appears to him therein.Here is a Kundali composed by the poet Giridhar which shows what happen to a person who does the work without giving careful consideration to it - 
Binaa vichaare jo kare, So paachhe pachhitaay.
Kaam bigaare aapano, Jag men hot Hasaay.
Jag men hot Hasaay chitt men chain na paave.
khaan- paan sanmaan, raag- rang manahi na bhaave.
Kah Giridhar kaviraay dukh kachu tarat na taare.
Khatakat hai jiy maahi, kiyo jo bina bichare.
बिना विचारे जो करै , सो पाछे पछिताय। 
काम बिगारै आपनो , जग में होत हँसाय।।
जग में होत हँसाय चित्त में चैन न पावै। 
खान - पान सन्मान राग रंग मनहिं न भावै।।
कह गिरिधर कविराय दुःख कछु टरत न टारे। 
खटकत है जिय माहिं कियो जो बिना बिचारे।।
Meaning in English - One who takes up any work without due consideration of its pros and cons surely comes to grief . Not only does he spoil the work and become an object of laughter in the eyes of the world , but he loses the peace of his mind , and the pleasure of the world lose all charm for him ,  Girdhar , the poet says the laws of Karm are inexorable. The work done without due consideration pricks the heart like a spike. 
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