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Friday, February 7, 2014

(14.3.3) Samudra Manthan and Ratna

Samudra Manthan and Ratnas 
The gods and the demons churned the Kshirsaagar (the ocean of milk). They used Mandarachal mountain as a churning rod and Vasuki , a serpent,as a churning rope. By churning the ocean they got the following things which are known as Ratnas -
(1) Halaahal - A kind of deadly poison which can cause death. Lord Shiva  drank it. Due to the effect of the poison, His throat became blue.
(2) Kaamdhenu - It was a cow which produced the material for Agnihotra (a Vedic Yagya).
(3) Uchchaishrava  (उच्चैश्रवा) - It  was a white horse. Indra desired to have it.
(4) Eraavat /Airaavat - It was an elephant which had four tusks.
(5) Kaustubh Mani  - It was a very valuable jewel.
(6) Kalp Vriksha - A divine tree which had the power to fulfill the wishes.
(7) Apsaraas - They were adorned with beautiful clothes and valuable jewels.
(8) Lakshmi - The goddess of wealth. She chose Lord Vishnu as her husband.
(9) Vaaruni Devi - A maiden whom the demons took.
(10) Dhanavantari - A divine physician who had an urn.
(11) Nectar - It was in urn which Dhanavantari  had.
Source - Shree Madbhagavat Sudha sagar page no. 445.  

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