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Monday, February 17, 2014

(14.3.5) Eight Siddhis / Ashta Siddhi / Aath Siddhiyan

 Ashta Siddhi / Yougik Siddhiyan
Siddhi means perfection or accomplishment. Yogik Siddhi is a supernatural power which can be acquired through Yog Sadhana and meditation. The Asht Siddhi (Eight fold accomplishment)are as follows :- 
( Animaa Mahimaa Chaiva Garimaa Laghimaa Tathaa.
Praptih Praakaamyameeshitvvam vashitvam Chaashtsiddhayah.)  
अणिमा महिमा चैव गरिमा लघिमा तथा। 
प्राप्तिः प्राकाम्यमीशित्वं वशित्वं चाष्टसिद्धयः।।
(अमरकोश , रामाश्रमी व्याख्या १/१/ ३४/ (१७-१८) 
(1) Anima (अणिमा) :- Anima consists in making one's body as minute as atom. ( As Shri Hanuman ji did while entering the portals of Lanka.)
(2) Garima (गरिमा) :- Garima consists in increasing the weight of one's body to abnormal limits.( As Lord Krishna did during the encounter of Arjun with Karn When He is said to have brought chariot along with the horses to the level of the earth under pressure of His body as a device to dodge the deadly dart hurled by Karn against Arjun, for whom He was acting as a charioteer.) 
(3) Mahima (महिमा) :- Mahima consists in swelling the size of one's body at will.(As Lord Vaman did while trying to divest the demon king Bali of his kingdom.)
(4) Laghima (लघिमा) :- Laghima consists in making the body exceedingly light.
(5) Prapti (प्राप्ति ) :- Prapti consists in securing the object of one's desire . (As the sage Bhardwaja did at the time entertaining Bharat who was going to bring his elder brother bask to Ayodhya.)
(6) Prakamya (प्राकाम्य) :- Prakamya means infallibility of desire. 
(7) Ishitva (ईशित्व) :- Ishitva consists in acquiring the power of creating the universe , similar to that possessed by god.
(8) Vashitva (वशित्व) :- Vashitiva consists in winning over anyone through one's magnetic influence.
These are the eight fold accomplishment. Yogis possessing these powers, are difficult to find at the present day. Persons having acquired minor accomplishments such as infallibility of speech , which can be acquired by the practice of absolute truthfulness, can be found even now.  

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