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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

(14.3.6) Charanamrit / Why is Charanamrit taken

Importance of Charanamrit 

What is Charanamrit :- 
Charanamrt is the holy water with which the feet of the idol  of god are washed.According to the Hinduism this Charanamrit is considered as very pious and holy. 
Why is Charanamrit taken :-
It is believed that Charanamrit has the power to cure the diseases of the persons who take it with full faith. It keeps away the untimely death. It removes the sins of the person. It is a divine medicine. 
The importance of Charanamrit :-
In the Ramcharitmanas the importance of Charanamrit is mentioned like this - 
पद पखारि जलु पान करि आपु सहित परिवार। 
पितर पारु करि प्रभुहि पुनि मुदित गयउ लेइ पार।। 
(अयोध्या काण्ड दोहा १०१ )
Meaning :- The Kevat (ferryman) washed the feet of Shri Ram Chandra Ji and drank the water ( the Charanamrit) with the members of his family. By drinking the Charanamrit , he transported the souls of his deceased fore fathers across the ocean of metempsychosis and then gladly took (the Lord) Shri Ram across the river.
In another scripture the following Shlok is also found which shows the importance of Charanamrit -
अकाल मृत्यु हरणं सर्व व्याधि विनाशनम्। 
विष्णोः पादोदकं पीत्वा पुनर्जन्म न विद्यते ।।
 Meaning :-The person who takes the Charanamrit of Lord Vishnu does not have the fear of untimely death, this Charanamrit makes him free from the diseases ( and as a result he enjoys the physical as well as the mental health.) By taking the Charanamrit the person does not have to take rebirth and attains liberation. Thus it is clear why people take Charanamri and what its importance is.  

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