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Thursday, February 20, 2014

(7.1.7) Seven Spiritual Questions and their Answers

Garud Ke Prashna aur Kaakbhusundi ke Uttar / Adhyatmik Prashna

Garud , the king of birds, asked questions and Kaakbhusundi answered the questions. (Ref. Ramcharit Manas UttaraKand Chopai 1 to 19, Page 772 - 773)
(1) Garud - Which form of all is the most difficult to obtain ?
Kaakbhusundi - There is no other form as good as the human body. It is the ladder that takes the soul either to hell or to heaven or again to final beatitude, and is the bestower of blessings in the form of wisdom, dispassion and devotion.
(2) Garud - Which is the greatest misery?
Kaakbhusundi - There is no misery in this world as terrible as poverty. ( Here poverty means not having the worldly treasures as well as not having good thoughts.)
(3) Garud - Which is the greatest pleasure?
Kaakbhusundi - There is no blessing as great as communion with Saints.
(4) Garud - What are the essential characteristics of the Saints and the evil minded?
Kaakbhusundi - Beneficence in thought, word and deed is the innate disposition of Saints. The Saints undergo sufferings in the interest of others while impious wretches do so with a view to tormenting others.
(5) Garud - Which is the highest religious merit made known in the Vedas?
Kaakbhusundi - A vow of non-violence is the highest religious merit known to the Vedas.
(6) Garud - Which is the most terrible sin?
Kaakbhusundi - There is no sin as grievous as speaking ill of others.
(7) Garud - What are the diseases of mind?
Kaakbhusundi - The diseases of mind are as follows -  Infatuation , Lust, Anger, Feeling of mineness , Envy, Grief, Grudge, Wickedness, Egotism, Hypocrisy, Deceit, Arrogance, Pride, Jealousy and Thoughtlessness.
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