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Thursday, February 20, 2014

(7.2.14) Subhashitani (Wise Sayings) (Part - First)


1. Avashyam labhate kartaa, phalam paapasya karamanh.
Ghoram paryaagate kaale, drumah pushpamivaattaravam.
Meaning in English- A sinner has to bear the consequences of his sins when the time comes, in the same way as flowers blossom during their season the tree.
2. Avashyam nidhanam, sarvairgantavyamiha maanavai.
Avashyambhaavinyarthre vai santaapo neh vidhyate.
Meaning in English - Death is only certainty in life, therefore it is useless to lament on one's death.
3. Alpoapi hyariratyarth, vardhamaan paraakramaih.
Vaalmeeko moolaj iva grasate vrikshamantikaat.
Meaning in English - when even a small enemy by constantly trying grows powerful, he destroys his enemy too, in the same way as white ants born in roots of a tree gradually eat away that tree.
4. Ahinsaa nirmalam dharmam, sevante ye vipashichatah.
Teshaa mevordhvagamanam, yaanti tiyaragadho anyathaa.
Meaning in English - The intelligent persons who carry on pious deed of nonviolence, get high position, but those who are violent and crooked, fall down badly.
5. Asooyai kapadam mrityurativaadah shriyo vadhah.
Ashushrooshaa twaraa shlaaghaa, vidhyaayaah shtravastrayah.
Meaning in English - Jealousy is like death, too much speaking decreases one's respect and lack of service, haste and desire of own praise are the three enemies of education.

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