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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

(6.2.14) Name sign or birth sign (Which should be considered)

Name sign or Birth Sign
When to consider name sign and when to consider  Birth sign ?
What is the Birth Sign ?
The birth sign or Janma Rashi is the Sign or Rashi in which the Moon was placed at the time of ones's birth. It is also called Moon sign.
What is the name sign ?
When the person does not know the exact time of his/her birth, in that case the first letter of his/her famous name is considered for his/her Rashi (Sign).
Which of these two signs (Birth Sign and name sign ) should be considered ?
If the person does not know  his birth sign, for all the events of her/her life, only the name sign is considered.
But  when the person knows his birth sign as well as his name sign, then the confusion arises which of these two should be considered. To remove this confusion the astrological scriptures say the following things -
1. For all the auspicious occasion like marriage, religious journey, effects of the planets, the Janma Rashi or the birth sign should be given preference.
2. For the muhurat for Griha Pravesh, business, vehicle, matters related to court etc, the name sign is given preference.

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