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Thursday, March 6, 2014

(10.3.30) Akshaya Navami / Aanvala Navami 2016

Akshaya Navami
When is Akshay Navami in 2016
In the year 2016 Akshay Navami  is on Wednesday, 09.11.2016.
Important   things about Akshay Navami -
1 Kartik Shukala Navami is known as Akshay Navami. The other names for Akshaya Navami are Amala Navami , Kushmaand  Navami   and Dhaatri Navami.
2. Akshay means never diminishing or imperishable. In others words the things done on this day do not decay or perish.So Daan , Punya , Puja , Tarpan etc. are  done on this day.
3.On Akahaya Navami, donations , bathing etc. are considered to be very fruitful.
4. Kartika shukla Navami is also known as kushmaand Navami. On this day giving secret donation has a great importance. So people, according to their financial position, put the things of donations like coins made of gold  or silver or any other things in a pumpkin and donate it to an eligible person.
5. Kartika shukla Navami is also known as Amala Navami . So on this day people worship Amala tree with Shodashopachar Vidhi and go around the Amala tree 108 times.
6. Parikrama of Mathura and Vrindavan -     On this day people undertake the Parikrama of  Mathura - Vrindavan. They get up early in the morning , take a bath , then they put Brij - Raj (the dust of Braj Bhoomi) on their foreheads and start the Parikrama of  Mathura -Vrindavan. On their way they have the Darshan at various temples. The Parikrama is long so the persons who are physically weak but they want to undertake this Parikrama ,  should undertake Mansik ( mental) Parkrama just as mental worship or manas puja is done . In this process of mental Parikrama they are to meditate on the image of the Braj mandal and  mentally go around Vrindavan  and  Mathura and then with full faith they should think that this mental Parikrama is as fruitful as the physical or actual Parikrama is.

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