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Friday, March 21, 2014

(10.3.32) Navratri Vrat / Vrat during Navratra

Nanratra Vrat Vidhi

Navratri or Nanratra  is a nine day festival. Navratra is celebrated four times a year i. e. in the month of Chaitra, Aashvin, Aashadh, and Magh. Of them two are known as Prakat or open Navratra and remaining two are called Gupt or secret Navratra.This nine day period of Navratra is the period for getting spiritual and moral strength.
Observing fast during Nanarati is also considered very fruitful. This Vrat removes the sufferings from the life of the Vrati, (the person who observes it). Navratra  Vrat fulfills the desires of the person,frees him from worries and brings happiness and peace in his life.
This Vrat can be observed  for all the nine days or it can be observed for seven days i. e. from Pratipada to Saptmi or for five days i. e. from Panchami to Navami or for three days i. e. from Saptami to Navami or for two days  i. e. on the first day and the last day or only for one day i. e. either on the first day or on the last day.
Kumari Puja - During all the nine days of Navratra, Kumari Puja should be done but if it is not possible to do it, it (Kumari puja) should be done on Ashatami or Navami Tithi.
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