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Monday, March 17, 2014

(13.1.9) Manas Pooja / Mental Worship

Mental worship / Manas Puja 

Manas Puja or mental worship is the worship of the deity of the person's choice in his mind.In this worshiping the person meditates on the deity and imagines as if he is performing a ritualistic or real worship of the deity of his choice. While performing mental worship, the person thinks or feels that the deity gives more importance to the devotion than the offerings. The mental worship can be done with sixteen upchars or ten upchars or five upchars as it is done in the ritual Hindu Puja. 

The Process of Mental Worship
Sit at a peaceful place on a piece of cloth made of wool. Meditate on the deity and then follow the following steps :-
(1) Padhya - O god, I offer water for washing your feet, please accept it.
(2) Aachaman- O god, I offer you water for sipping, please accept it.
(3) Snan -  O god, I offer you water for your bath, please accept it.
(4) Vastra  - O god, I offer you clothes to wear, please accept it.
(5) Gandha - O god, I offer you scented substance, please accept it.
(6) Pushpa - O god, I offer you flowers, please accept it.
(7) Dhoop - O god, I offer you incense please accept it.
(8) Deep - O god, I offer you light, please accept it.
(9) Naivedhya - O god, I offer you eatables, please accept it.
(10) Pushpanjali - O god, I offer you handful of flowers, please accept it.
Then offer the obeisance to the deity and chant the following prayer-
" You are my Mother, You are my Father, You are my Kinsman, You are my Friend, You are Learning, You are Wealth, O Lord of gods , You are my all."
This is the process of mental worship.

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