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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

(14.1.7) Hindu gods and their Vehicles / Vahan

In the Hindu religious scriptures we find that many gods and goddesses have their vehicles or Vahan. These Vahans have their spiritual and symbolic value . Some of the gods and their vehicles are as follows :-
(1) Vishnu - Vishnu is the protector of the universe. The vehicle of Lord Vishnu is 'Garud' (Eagle). It can fly very high and can see the things even from a long distance. It is the symbol of foresight and prudence.
(2) Ganesh - Lord Ganesh is the god of intellect. He is also the remover of obstacles. The vehicle of Lord Ganesh is 'Mouse'. Mouse is the symbol of Reasoning, the faculty of distinguishing good from bad.
(3) Durga -  Durga is the goddess of  strength and power. The vehicle of goddess Durga is 'Lion'. The lion is the most powerful animal. It is the symbol of courage and strength.
(4) Lakhsmi - Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity.The vehicle of Lakshmi is 'Owl'. It is said that an owl cannot see in the day time. This weakness of the owl shows that one must not go astray the right path when one gets wealth. One must not stop seeing the things from the right angle.
(5) Saraswati - Saraswati is the goddess of learning, knowledge,music and creative arts. The vehicle of Saraswati is 'Swan'. A swan is the symbol of discrimination.
(6) Shiva - Lord Shiva is the god of benediction. The vehicle of Lord Shiva is 'Nandi, Bull'.
(7) Indra - Indra is the god of rain. He is also the ruler of heaven and the king of the gods. The vahan of Indra is 'Erawat Elephant'. An elephant is the symbol of glory and dignity.
(8) Sun god - Sun is one of the Panch Devas of the Hindus. The vehicle of Sun god is a chariot which is drawn by seven horses. The chariot and the horses seem to show that it is only the work that keeps the world going on.We must continue our journey till we reach our destination.    
(9) Kartikey - Kartikey is he god of war. The vehicle of Kartikey is 'Peacock'.
(10) Yam - Yam is the god of death. The vehicle of Yam is 'Male Buffalo'. 
(11) Sheetala Mata - The vehicle of goddess Sheetala is a 'Donkey'. A donkey is the symbol of hard work, endurance and tolerance.

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