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Monday, March 24, 2014

(14.4.2) Kumari Puja / Kanya Poojan During Navratra

Kumari Poojan / Kumari Puja / Kanya Puja 
What is Kumari Puja -
Kumari Puja, which is also known as Kanya Puja or Kanya Poojan, is a ritual of worshiping the girls whose age is from two years to ten years.The girls more than ten years are not included in the Kumari Puja.This Puja is done during Navratra.
Why is Kumari Puja done :- 
For the Devi Vratas Kumari Puja is an important ritual. The girls of two to ten years old are considered as the forms of goddess Durga and they are named according to their age -
The 2 year old girl is known as Kumari.  
The 3 year old girl is known as Trimurtini.
The 4 year old girl is known as Kalyani.
The 5 year old girl is known as Rohini.
The 6 year old girl is known as Kali.
The 7 year old girl is known as Chandika.
The 8 year old girl is known as Shambhavi.
The 9 year old girl is known as Durga.
The 10 year old girl is known as Subhadra.
How to perform Kumari Puja :-
As per religious scriptures , all the nine days of Navratra ,the Kumari Puja should be done.But if it is not possible to do Kumari Puja on all the nine nine days, it should be done on Ashtami or on Navami Tithi. In the process of Kumari Puja , the feet of the girls are washed and then they are worshiped with Gandh, Pushpa etc. They are given delicious food to eat. They are also given clothes money etc.
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