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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

(6.2.17)Tithis,their classification and activities to be done

What is Tithi 
A Tithi is a Lunar date. According to the Hindu calendar there are thirty Tithis in a Lunar month.
Tithis are put into five groups -
(1) Nanda - Pratipada, Shashti and Ekadashi are known as Nanda Tithis.
(2) Bhadra - Dwitiya, Saptami and Dwadashi are known as Bhadra Tithis. 
(3) Jaya - Tritiya, Ashtami and Trayodashi are known as Jaya Tithis.
(4) Rikta - Chaturthi, Navami and Chaturdashi are known as Rikta Tithis.
(5) Purna - Panchami, Dashami and Purnima are known as Purna Tithis.
The things or activities to be done on these Tithis :-
(1) Nanda - Nanda Tithis are considered good for the activities like dance,sculpture, garments, music,wearing or making jewelry,agriculture , festivals,functions, and house construction etc. 
(2)Bhadra - BhadraTithis are considered good for doing the activities like marriage,threading ceremony,journey, ornaments making and wearing them, learning arts,and vehicles etc.
(3) Jaya - Jaya Tithis are considered good for doing the activities like house building, entering a new house, travelling, war related activities, military education, weapons, ceremonies, medicine, business etc.
(4) Rikta - Rikta Tithis are considered negative for doing good or auspicious activities. But the activities like crushing the enemies,putting some one into prison, cruel deeds, using weapons, operation etc. are done on these Tithis.
(5) Purna - Purna Tithis are considered good for doing the activities like marriage, Yagyopaveet Sanskar, travelling, coronation, work related to peace and prosperity etc.
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