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Monday, April 21, 2014

(10.3.41) Magh Purnima / Maghi Poornima 2017

When is Magh Poornima in 2017
Shukla Paksh Purnima in the month of Magh is known as Magh Purnima or Maghi Poornima.
In the year 2017 Magh Purnima is on Friday,10.02.2017
Important things about Magh Purnima or Maghi Purnima:-
(1) According to the Hindu religion the month of Magh is very holy and auspicious.
(2) Magh Purnima is considered to be sacred Tithi. On this Tithi after having a bath, people worship Lord Vishnu, perform Pitra Shraddh, and donate food, clothes, Til, blankets, Gud, Ghee modak etc.
(3) On Purnima of the Magh month, the person, who takes a bath in the Ganga or at any holy river, is free from the sins he has committed.
(4) Giving donations to the needy and feeding Brahmins is considered very fruitful.
(5) Observing fast on Maghi Purnima is highly rewarding.
(6) On Magh Shukla Purnima if Shani is Mesh Rashi, Guru and Chandrama are in Singh Rashi, Sun is in Shravan Nakshtra, this combination is known as Mahamaghi. During this combination having a bath and making donations bring good results.
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