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Monday, April 28, 2014

(13.1.10) Peacock Feathers / Importance of Peacock feathers

Importance of Peacock feathers / How are  peacock feathers useful  

A peacock is a very beautiful bird. It is the national bird of India.It has a long tail with a small beak. Its neck with light and dark blue glossy feathers around it, looks very graceful . On its head there is a crest. It has a bright long tail. Its tail has eye- like spots in violet blue and green. On a cloudy day the peacock feels very cheerful.It is filled with thrills of joy and begins to dance. While dancing, it spreads its tail feathers in a semi-circle and shouts (cries) like 'Meh Aao' which means 'come rain'. So the people believe that it is calling rain to come.
In the Hindu scriptures it is mentioned that peacock is the vehicle of Kartikey, the god of war. The peacock was also the favourite bird of Lord Krishna who wore the feathers of the peacock in his coronet.It was Lord Krishna's love for this bird that made it sacred to the Hindu community.
Importance of Peacock feathers :- 
(1) Peacock feathers and Hinduism
The peacock is considered as a sacred bird because of its association with the Hindu deities.
According to the Hinduism, the peacock is the symbol of purity. So the feathers of the peacock are considered sacred.
(2) Peacock feathers and goddess Saraswati
As peacock is associated with Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and fine arts so it is said that if a student keeps the feather of the peacock in his books and has their Darshan in the morning, it helps him in getting good education. It also increases memory power.retention power and concentration.
(3) Peacock feathers as a remedial measure 
If the peacock feathers are kept in the bed room, the persons who sleep in that room will not see bad or inauspicious dreams.
(4) Peacock feathers and Vastu Shastra
According to the Vastu Shastra, keeping the peacock feathers in the house keeps away the negative energy from that house.
Peacock feathers attract positive energy.
(5) Lord Krishna and Peacock feathers 
The peacock was  the favourite bird of Lord Krishna. He wore the feathers of the peacock in His coronet.
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